Welcome to Cuddlefish! A natural products boutique in lovely Manchester by the Sea

Welcome to Cuddlefish! We recently moved across the street and are so happy to be here  in the beautiful, friendly community of Manchester by the Sea. We specialize in natural products for every body. At Cuddlefish you can find a wide selection of bath and beauty products, natural mineral based make up, super cute baby clothing and gifts, unique, affordable women’s clothing for all ages, accessories and ocean inspired jewelry. We believe that what you put on your skin and wear on your body are as important as what you put in your body. All of our skin care and make-up products, including Dr. Haushcka, Bare Minerals, Pacifica, John Masters and the Naked Bee, are 100% natural with no chemicals or harsh ingredients. At Cuddlefish you will find unique baby clothing, including comfy one piece suits from Tea Collection, Finn and Emma, Under the Nile and Penguin Organics. We are also excited to be your local source for Beyond Yoga, Salaam clothing, Angie, Lush, Wishlist, Promesa, She and Sky, Survival Honeydew Intimates, Munki Munki nightwear and many more!

Whether you are looking for a nurturing gift for someone special or for a pick me up, you are sure to find it at Cuddlefish!


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